Monday, October 13, 2014

Lake Decor Pins You Love

Every once in a while we find ourselves getting sucked into a social media vacuum.  

Like today.  I was looking for a specific pin and ended up spending the better part of an hour looking at lake boards on Pinterest and swooning over pin after pin after pin that I love. 

A time waster?  I think not - turns out it was the perfect inspiration for this lake decor blog post. 

Lakehouse Outfittters on Pinterest keeps surprising me.  Some of our pins are over 2 years old and yet they keep earning your Pins as you buy your first lake house, update your current lake house or make plans for your future lake house.  We love that you come to Lakehouse Outfitters on Pinterest to start collecting your lake house decor ideas.   

I'm fond of saying that decorating at the lake is so much fun because you don't have to follow any rules.  If you like it, do it!

Here are a few of your favorite pins from Our Boards

Personalized Oars for Boys Bedroom at the lake
Always a favorite MOM pin - a great idea for the boys room at the lake house

Grandpa's Tackle Box
Vintage Fishing tackle boxes on display at the lake house
Possibly our most pinned pin.  We saw this idea of displaying vintage wooden boxes on traditional built
in bookcases and pinned that we'd steal the idea using vintage fishing tackle boxes.  Inspired
by the fact that I have my grandfather's tackle box on the shelves in my office.
Complete with the original key.

white draperies hung high above the windows on long rod
Apparently we're not the only one loving this look!  

lake house and boat house decor using repurposed items
One of our first pins we titled:  New life for an old friend.
Grouping vintage orphans such as a 1/2 cowl and single wood ski along side
a rustic sign works at the boat house as well as the lake house.

lake decor cocktail time life ring, lake house decorations, lake house ideas
 On Cocktail Time - this little life ring has gotten some attention.
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In the meantime, we have a little gift for you.  A free 8 x 10 printable download Lakehouse Outfitters orginal art offer.

Happy Lake-Orating!


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