Thursday, December 31, 2015

Meet Mendy

Yes, it's Mendy.  Not Mindy.

Continuing with our blog series of introducing you to our Crew it's time you meet Mendy.
We first met Mendy in September of 2010.

We had a death in the family and all of our regular crew members had previous commitments and/or were out of town.  We had no one to work the store ( LHO Design and Consign which was located on Irving Blvd in Dallas).   I reached out to my "go to girls" asking if they could think of anyone who might be willing to "babysit" the store for a few days while we traveled to the Spokane, Washington.  I knew at the time this was a long shot request.

Well, as luck would have it it turned out to be less of a long shot than I had expected.  Kate's friend Mendy agreed and thought it might be fun. (?)  If I'm remembering this correctly, here's how it went down.  Due to time allotment and everyone's schedules Mendy and I met for about 5 minutes to pass along a key and show her around.  That was the extent of her introduction and "training"...

And as it turns out, that was more than enough.  Mendy had a great weekend at the store, customers loved her and I continued to get compliments and comments about Mendy for months to come.  As you can imagine, I was not about to let this connection go by the wayside, we had to find a way for Mendy to join our little family.  Now, over five years later she's still willing to help out when duty calls.  Due to her "real job" she has summers available which comes in handy when we need extra Crew in Canton during First Monday Trade Days.

When I asked for Mendy's Bio here's what she wrote:

I grew up among the pine trees of East Texas. After graduating from Stephen F. Austin with a degree in Education, I relocated to the metroplex to begin my teaching career. I briefly returned to SFA to pursue a graduate degree in Forestry. I have worked in the field of education—both formal and informal—for over twenty years.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading and being outdoors. I recently completed my fifth half marathon and have 3 more on my calendar over the next few months.

I enjoy coming out to Canton each month because of the people.  I enjoy connecting with the customers and getting a glimpse into their lives. Working Lakehouse Outfitters in Canton is completely different from what I do on a daily basis, so it provides me with a brief break from everyday life.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (I feel as though I say this time and time again) this Crew and the odd hours and jobs simply wouldn't work with any other group of people.  Ray and I are so blessed to have connected with a special group of ladies who's lifestyle and personalities allow them to work (or not) and be okay.  If this were a love relationship we might say it's Unconditional Love.
If we ask you to work and you can, great.  If not, that's fine too. 

Life's to short to get our panties in a wad over such things. As this last photo demonstrates, we try not to take ourselves to seriously.

Kate and Mendy a few years ago at our 
Christmas PLAID Party

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