Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Lake Life on Lake Fork
Lake Dog Edition
Hey Guys! I have been trying to get a tour of the neighborhood and pictures of the lake but with all this rain it is just yucky and honestly we stay inside and work puzzles by the fire! Which is just as nice. I'm not complaining! But since I don't take pictures of us lounging in PJ's all day I have no pictures but what I do have is...
Meet Molly

Molly is a Goldendoodle! Her mom is a English Golden Retriever and her dad is a Standard Poodle. She is named after a Shopkin.
Her full name is Molly Moccasin Boisclair.
We wanted a big dog that didn't shed and after lots of research we made the best decision as we haven't seen one dog hair come off this white fluffy doodle. And my goodness she is the sweetest pup EVER! but her puppy biting and chewing game is STRONG!
this was our first morning with Molly! It is exhausting traveling from the North Pole!
Santa sent the elf on the shelf to deliver her in a box with a big red bow!
(while we were trying to hide and keep Molly quiet that night. my son woke up vomiting at midnight. I can't make this up people)
 Oh the doodle cuteness

Molly's first trip to the Lake was a success!
She is the perfect lake dog.
Remember Big John from the last post! Well he does in fact have everything. He found this in his garage and gave it to Molly! Lake Neighbors are the BEST
I did find these pictures which proves we do stay in cozy pajamas at the lake and Molly's puppy game!
This girl is so in LOVE with her dog!
Next LLoLF will probably be in the new year!
Merry Christmas From Our Family to Yours at the Lake!

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