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Pimento Cheese Recipe - Lazy@The Lake Kitchen

Don't Judge.

I judged and I was taken to task by my friend on Instagram.  I'm so happy she saw my post and shared her love with me.  And now, I'd like to do the same for you.

Here's the story.
(And the recipe)

July 26, 2014 
I was shopping at our local grocery store.  
The same grocery store where this photo was taken. :-)

Horses in town, Brookshire's Grocery Store, Ride Your Horse to the store

While waiting to check out I happen to glance in the cold case just to the left of my shopping cart to see the grab n'go selection of sandwiches being offered this day.

Ewwwwww!  Pimento Cheese!  

Without thinking, I snapped a photo and posted my sarcastic comments on my personal Instagram.  "Things I don't want to eat for $500"

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Almost immediately, my friend Amy commented that she wasn't a fan of store bought
pimento cheese, but she loved the one her grandmother made and offered the recipe.

Two things about this recipe sold me.  

1.  It has horseradish as an ingredient

2.  It's a family recipe with lots of history and love - always key when it comes to recipes and foods that are yummy.

My friend Amy sitting on her grandmother Ginga's kitchen table

I ran out (back to the same grocery store) and bought her suggested ingredients:

  • Dukes Mayo - had not used this before, may never buy another brand of mayo
  • Prepared Horseradish
  • Jar of Pimentos - drained
  • Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese - I love this recipe with Tillamook Cheese if it's available in your area

Then I made it!
Combine shredded cheese, 2T of Dukes Mayo, 1-2T of horseradish and 1/2 jar of pimentos drained in a food processor.  Blend until smooth.  Adjust mayo and horseradish to taste.

Store in refer for up to 7 days.  Don't feel compelled to eat it all at one setting, it actually gets better with each day that passes!
YUM!  I love it on King's Hawaiian Rolls for a savory sweet taste or on crackers, Whole Foods Everything Crackers or the basic Ritz.  It's delish and addictive!  
As I posted a few months later - I cannot believe I actually crave this now.  
I hope you give it a try!

Kings Hawaiian Rolls, Store Bought Pimento Cheese Sliders, Pimento Cheese Recipe, Homemade Pimento Cheese Recipe, Lazy@TheLake Recipes
Pimento Cheese on Kings Hawaiian Rolls

Amy's Story:

Ginga wasn't known as a great cook, but she was a star at making finger (party) foods. She had a few dishes she would make for most parties, and her pimento cheese always at the top of the list. We loved her pimento cheese so much, she would always have it in the refrigerator. We would travel to the Portsmouth commisary, and she would buy a giant blocks of sharp cheddar cheese. It always made me giddy. She was born in South Carolina in 1918, and was quite the southern lady. Every southerner knows,  you have have to have pimento cheese. 

I was fortunate to live just a few miles from my maternal grandparents, Ginga Laura Etta and Pop Pete, in Suffok, Virginia. It was June 1971, and I was the first born grandchild. From the time I was born, Pop Pete would pick me up on Friday afternoon, and I would spend my weekends with my grandparents. This was an every weekend occurance, until I went to college. I loved it, and them so much. Pop Pete loved gardening and woodworking, and Ginga would spend her time "puttering" (as she would say) around the house. Ginga was very active in the community, and church. In that, they entertained quite a bit. 

Over the years we would snack on pimento cheese sandwiches, pimento cheese crackers, pimento cheese on celery, pimento cheese everything. I watched Ginga make so much of the stuff, that I couldn't help but know how to make it. After Ginga passed away in 2007, I learned that I was the only one who knew how to make her pimento cheese. She never wrote down her recipe, and I don't know who taught her how to make it, but I am really glad I spent all of those weekends with Pop Pete and Ginga, and I am so grateful that I paid attention. I always have her pimento cheese ingredients on hand, and I make it all of the time. Whenever I get together with my cousins, her pimento cheese is almost always requested. What a simple, delicious thing, that brings back fun memories of our time with  Ginga and Pop Pete.

If you don't like pimento cheese, I challenge you to try Ginga's. You will be converted.

In Loving Memory of Ginga Laura Etta

Amy Magee - Thank you for sharing.

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