Monday, April 13, 2015

Lake Decor Downloads - Free Decor for The Lake House

Whimsey - Simple - Cute and Clever

Those four words sum up our thoughts on decorating the lake house, especially when it's primarily used as a weekend get-away or second home.

Working hard not to take ourselves to serious with our lake decor concepts as we want the end result as casual and inviting as the cool water on a hot summer day.  After all, if all goes as planned the lake house will be filled with sandy feet, dripping swimsuits, smelly fish and sticky fingers covered in melted chocolate and marshmallows more times than not.

It was with this scenario in mind that we created our Free Monthly Downloads.  Original Art created just for you as our way of saying Thank you for supporting Lakehouse Outfitters in all the ways that you do so well.  Be it chatting with us on Facebook or pinning with us Pinterest or listening to one of our new Playlists on Spotify.   Or possibly you're shopping with us in Canton during First Monday Trade Days, in Log Cabin at The Boatique or ONLINE regardless of how we know you, we appreciate you more than you can imagine.  Small businesses operating in a tough economy do not survive unless their customers want them to.  We work hard to keep your vote to keep us in business and I hope it shows.

As you might expect, we sell a lot of lake house decor  and loved the idea of our customers being able to select a design (or several) download them on their computer and print them at home or at a print shop without spending a dime.

Each month we release a new design and promote it on our social media sites and our email lists.
Currently, we have five designs released and available for download each very different from the other.

We're especially fond of our April Download - Bobber Art

Ready to download, print and frame.

Check out all designs on our HERE

And thank you again, for loving the lake and supporting Lakehouse Outfitters.

Have a great week,


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