Saturday, October 17, 2015

LLoLF - Lake Life on Lake Fork

Welcome to Lake Life on Lake Fork!
Now that I have been introduced on the blog I will start sharing
our lake life with you!

 For the past several months we have been heading down to Big John's Boat Dock! It started out just watching feeding time!

Upon Big Johns persistence we started fishing. Us city folks enjoyed catch and release and the fish we ate we caught at a local restaurant until...


Turned into THIS

Yes he caught that BIGGIN all by himself if his facial expression doesn't say it all he did
"I'm so proud of myself" - BP (runs down dock giving high fives)

That night we had some friends coming out and after a quick text of 
"Hey you ever cleaned fish before?" and a quick response
"uh yeah when i was kid. we could youtube it"
We felt it was time us weekenders had our first fish fry!

Little Sister made sure she kept the fish fed while in the bucket 
in between her "checking my bait"

 We have it made at Big John's Boat Dock! Look up the nicest person in the world and you will find a picture of Big John (Also look up the man who has two of everything) He SPOILS us! the boat house is well stocked with all your fishing needs. You break a line he will have it fixed by the next time your there. Honestly the experiences BP and sister have had this summer is PRICELESS!
Also did I mention the view...

So after a few more big catches we took our bucket of fish back to the cabin but not before stoping at Big John's garage for a few necessities fish skinners, oh and BP was worried about how you kill the fish ( i guess filet-ing alive wasn't the appropriate thing to do)

"Who has everything you need?" - Big John
screams with excitement "YOU DO!" - BP

hands over a small chubby bat just bop them on the head. Luckily the fish took care of either situation having to happen. Friends hadn't even made themselves at home before watching two different youtube videos and deciding which one seemed most doable we headed out into the dark with a folding table, flashlight, and filet knife...

 (no we are not amish hubs just hasn't seen a razor in oh...8 months)

J actually started us off and then went back for more! I'm tellin ya they were like ole pros!

So the next morning we headed back out to let the friends do some fishing. And of course
Ben's best bud H got his very first fish
We finished the Weekend with Catfish Nuggets!!!

Until Next Time on LLoLF...

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